June 20, 2013

Korean Inspired Everyday Makeup Tutorial♥

Hi everyone~ this would be my first blog post ever so I’m quite nervous, but let’s get on with it!

I’ve recently been interested with Korean makeup techniques, since then I’ve tried to replicate some of the looks that I saw online (which are mostly natural makeup). So now, I came up with this Korean Inspired Makeup look that I use almost everyday since it’s so easy to do.

June 12, 2013

Sunday Shopping! + OOTD & Haul!

It's finally starting to feel like Summer again! The weather here in Vancouver has been gloomy lately but last Sunday was an exception! I just had to go out w/ my boyfriend and enjoy the sunny day! 

I had a lot of fun and did a little shopping too, which I'll be showing you in a mini Haul later on. Sooo yeah, lets go!