June 12, 2013

Sunday Shopping! + OOTD & Haul!

It's finally starting to feel like Summer again! The weather here in Vancouver has been gloomy lately but last Sunday was an exception! I just had to go out w/ my boyfriend and enjoy the sunny day! 

I had a lot of fun and did a little shopping too, which I'll be showing you in a mini Haul later on. Sooo yeah, lets go!

First, we drove to Superstore to checkout their makeup section, which I absolutely love because of the wide selection! I really like the nail polish stands too 'cos they're really colorful. Plus! They have Essie, O.P.I., Joe, etc!
(Wide range of Essie nail polishes | No mirror at the end btw, so it actually goes all the way)

Checking out Milani lipsticks at Superstore

Thinking of trying this Stay Matte pressed powder by Rimmel

(I was wearing pants but eventually changed into shorts later on)
and this is me choosing the best/least damaged one from 3 products of the exact same thing/shade.
You'd be familiar of this somewhat "OCD" kind of phenomenon if you've seen our "50 Random Facts About Us" video on youtube.

Had a little snack in the car because we were so hungry! Good thing Gavin brought some Ham & Cheese sandwiches! Yay!

Oh and here's a little "Face of the Day" for ya! I just did a very simple makeup look 'cos I didn't wanna keep retouching throughout the day.
(Foundation: Revlon Colorstay | Concealer: Maybelline's Dream Lumi | Eyes: Wet n Wild "comfortzone" palette & Maybelline's the Rocket mascara | Lips: Revlon Lipstain in "sweetheart" & NYX "strawberry daiquiri" lipstick | Cheeks: Milani "luminoso" & NYC's "sunny" bronzer)

Shortly after, we headed South to shop at some Outlets! We went to Homesense, Walmart, H&M, and more!

While we were on the road, on the way to the Outlets, we were soundtripping to some OPM and Kpop! I wish I knew how to speak Korean so I didn't have to sing along in gibberish all the time haha. Can anyone guess which song we were listening to? (judging by the picture below :P)

When we arrived at the outlets, we first checked out Homesense! I really enjoyed browsing through this branch because it had a lot of things that I've not seen in stock at the other Winners/Homesense I've been to.

One super fun and adorable thing that I spotted was this mini pink polka dotted single couch!
It immediately caught my attention because I love pink and I love polka dots!
but thats not all! It's actually a rocking chair! Ahh! I want it! If I can remember, I think it was about $80+?
Unfortunately, I didn't buy it haha well obviously :P.
(I know it's tiny but I can fit in it comfortably and that's all that matters!)

Then we drove to another complex a few more blocks south 'cos there were a lot more stores there.

We came across Walmart! I have this thing with travelling to a farther shopping location only to find myself browsing at the same stores that I can easily go to close to where I live. It's weird. 
Gavs always points out "those are the same products you've been swatching every time you check out makeup at all the other stores!"
(Walmart makeup section)

After Walmart, I just remembered that we were hungry! (How could I forget??) So we took a break from shopping and looked for a place to eat! We found this restaurant and their theme is very western.
Food was mediocre but hey, we were starving. Our server was very friendly and helpful though! (She also kinda looked like Blair Fowler, even her voice and how she talks! Though she was blonde).
Ordered some starters: Potato Wedges w/ cheese, jalapenos, bacon bits, green onions, etc.

I had Baked Chicken Penne

Gavs had this massive burger! Those stringy pieces are deep fried onion strips!

We got free lollipops! :)

After eating, we checked out H&M! I wasn't able to look around that much because it slipped our minds that it was a Sunday so stores closed earlier (around 6 or 7pm). I did manage to buy a little something though! :)
I wasn't able to buy those floral pants that I was holding :( Sadly because it was too small for me! I tried it on at the very last minute before the store closed. It fit my legs perfectly but the button just won't close! aghh! I think it's either I was too full or the pants were 1 to 2 sizes smaller than my size.

We also walked around Indigo (Chapters)! 
I'm not really a book person but I've been looking for one specific book which I've no luck in finding up to now. and that is "Your Best Life Begins Each Morning" by Joel Osteen. I'd like to read that book because it's motivational and you only need to read one page! haha :P

After a long day of shopping/window shopping, it was finally time to head home.

Time for an Outfit of the Day!
Sunglasses: Urban Planet
Graphic Tiger Tank top: Winners
Open Knit Cardigan: Urban Planet
Grey shorts: Sirens
Nails: Essie's "In the Cabana"

Satchel: SM Megamall Department Store in Philippines
Gold studs bracelet: ALDO
Turquoise Skull Bracelet: Gift from Micah


I got a bunch of toiletries: Hand soap, Epsom Salt, Cotton Pads

I also ended up getting Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in "004 Sandstorm"

When I tried this powder the next day, I was impressed with the results and staying power. I actually like it better than my Maybelline Dream Matte powder. 
I also like that this is a warm/yellow toned powder, unlike my dream matte powder, which is more of a cool toned shade which made me look a biiit ashy (It has something to do with the shade that I own, of course).

I had to check out this nail polish from Sally Hansen in "325 Peachy Breeze" because it's such a cute pink shade!

However when I got home and applied it on my nails, I found that it was exactly the same color as my "Cute as a Button" from Essie. Although Sally Hansen has a wider brush and a thicker consistency, I think these two are exact duplicates. Therefore, I'd have to return the Sally Hansen one :(.

If you're eyeing the "cute as a button" from Essie, definitely check out "Peachy Breeze" by Sally Hansen for sure. It's much cheaper! (Sally hansen: $2-3 | Essie: $8-9)

At Homesense, I found a pair of canvas frames! And they're photos of Marilyn Monroe! Plus they're black & white!
When I saw it, I instantly thought that it would look great in my room. It was only $19 for the two so I got it!

Lastly, I got this ring from H&M for $6! I think it's a bit pricey for a ring, in comparison with Forever 21 rings.  Plus, the arrow part actually broke off when I tried taking off the ring one time. Thankfully, it's nothing super glue can't fix! 

I still love the look of this ring though! I don't have anything like it and I've been wearing it every time I go out.
My brother thinks it's a Transformers kind of ring haha.

I guess that wraps up this post! Our very first blog post! I hope this has been entertaining to read and hopefully it was helpful as well! :) Stay tuned for our next blog post!

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  1. soo many nail polishes! <3 Really nice photos and cute outfit :)

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  3. Which superstore and walmart is that in Vancouver? Such a huge makeup selection!

    1. Superstore was at Newton and the Walmart we went to was at White Rock :D