August 21, 2014

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Event

We had the opportunity to be invited to the Artist Shadow Event by Make Up For Ever in celebration for their brand's 30th Anniversary.

The Artist Shadow range consists of 210 NEW eye shadows that provides different finishes (Matte, Satin, Metal, Iridescent, and Diamond) and a broad spectrum of colours. This collection was created by Dany Sanz (Make Up For Ever's Creative & Artistic Director) in a span of three years. The Artist Shadow collection will be released in Canada at September 2014 in Sephora stores but you can now purchase them online at Sephora's website.

We are very happy to share with you our experience during the event!

Sorry for the mess!
Multitasking (Vlogging, taking pictures, and creating our Mood Board xD)
The ladies from Make Up For Ever told us to create Mood Boards where we can choose any colour scheme that fits our mood for the day. These Mood Boards will be the basis for the customized eye shadow palette that we will be putting together in the next station. According to them, the Creative & Artistic Director Dany Sanz uses this technique in order to build eye shadow palettes for their brand.

Here is the Mood Board that I put together using the random things that we found in the boxes that they provided. As you can see it consists of rosy tones and neutral colours. Monique's Mood Board (in the photo above where all the creative stuff/mess is happening xD) consists of pops of blue, yellow, and neutral colours. 

Here's the overview of the New Artist Shadow range
After we were done creating our Mood Boards we went ahead to the next station where we had the chance to put together our customized eye shadow trio. Yannie helped us create our customized palette, she suggested different eye shadow colours and finishes that suits the colour theme of our Mood Boards. 
(Scroll down to see the eye shadow palettes that we customized)

Couple of swatches of their eye shadows (Left to Right: Satin, Matte, Diamond, Metallic)
Monique putting together her eye shadow palette :)

We also took lots of pictures with the ladies who helped and talked to us during the event.
Here we are with Yannie!
Aïda here invited us in the event, we are so happy to get the chance to learn about the Artist Shadow range and to have met new people!

Here we are with Farah and Heather, these ladies talked to us about Make Up For Ever and we learned a lot from them. 

A picture of a photo that Farah took from her phone (Pictureception~)
Group Shot! :)

After the event, Monique and I went to White Spot late at night to get some Sweet Potato Fries since we were craving for them. Those fries are probably my favourite food for this summer!
Drooling over the Sweet Potato Fries, can't forget the Chipotle Mayo!
Monique also ordered some Dippin' Chicken (basically chicken tenders)

We went home with our Mood Boards as well as an eye shadow brush and the custom eye shadow palette that we created.

Below are the customized eye shadow palettes that we made:

You can purchase the Artist Shadow range in Singles ($25.00), Duos ($39.00), or Trios ($50.00) at Sephora.

Left to Right: Matte, Satin, and Diamond finish
Here is Monique's custom eye shadow trio which consists of neutral colours and a pop of blue. She has Matte, Satin, and Diamond, for the finishes that her eye shadows give. Diamond finish has more glitters compared to the other eye shadows that the collection has. According to them, this doesn't give you fall out so it's perfect to use for the inner corners of the eyes or a brow bone highlight depending on the look that you're going with.

Left to Right: Diamond and 2 Satin finishes
My eye shadow trio consists of rosy tones and has diamond and satin finishes. We were told  that a couple of their eye shadows can be used as blushes. I find that the centre colour that I chose can be used as a blush due to its colour. I also like how the right eye shadow has somewhat of a duo chrome colour when swatched on the hand.

Overall, we were very impressed by the eye shadows that we chose. They are highly pigmented and feel smooth to the touch when we were swatching them during the event. We will update you when we get to incorporate them in the eye shadow looks that we'll be doing in the future.

226 Medium Eye Shader Brush
Both of us were also given an eye shadow brush that is perfect for packing on shadow colours. The bristles are extremely soft and we love how the handle is made out of wood.

We had a great time during the event, it was a new experience to us and we are very thankful for having the opportunity to attend. 
We also vlogged the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Event which we'll be linking below as soon as we get the chance to post it!

(Video will be uploaded soon!)

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our YouTube channel at ! :)

- Micah and Monique

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