April 10, 2014

FAQs About JustMoCah ♡

Hello lovelies! ♥ 
Just thought we'd make a "Frequently Asked Questions" post since
we've been getting the same questions over and over again hehe.
Hopefully we'll be able to clear some stuff up! :)

Starting with the #1 most asked question of all time!

Are you Filipino?
- Yes, we are! :)

How old are you?
- we're both 24

Where are you from?
- We're from the Philippines but we now live in Canada

Where in Canada do you live?
- Vancouver 

Are you guys sisters?
- Nope, we're just friends

What camera do you guys use?
- Sony NEX-5R (Link here)

What do you use to edit your videos?
- Adobe Premiere Pro

Can you do a Room Tour?
- Someday! When I'm finished with all the redecorating and repainting in my room! :)

Can you do a Makeup Collection video?
- Hmm maybe not YET, since we don't have that much makeup to show in a collection video for now

I think that's pretty much it! If I missed anything or if you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment! We'll be updating this post if we get more frequently asked questions in the future :)

Oh and,

We just wanna take a minute to thank all of our subbies for supporting us!
Reading your comments and realizing that our videos make you happy puts a HUGE smile on our face! It really does! :) You guys inspire us to keep doing what we do and we thank you so much for sticking with us from the beginning.

We often see familiar usernames commenting on our YouTube videos and it makes us feel very happy to see that you're still supporting us and following us in this "journey" of ours (cheesy!).
You guys know who you are! ;)
So yeah, thank you so much for all the love and support! We love ya!

- Monique & Micah ♥

Tell us what you think & leave a Comment! :)
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  1. Gyaah! You guys are super sweet! (: I've been subscribed to you guys for a long time now and been loving your vids so much! <3 -Hannah

  2. omg you live in Canada! :o You guys should do a meetup! *o*

  3. You guys seriously have to do a meetup somewhere in Vancouver! I love you guys! <3 -Camille