May 23, 2014

Mini Haul: ♡ Pink, Cute & Girly! + Fave Game!

Pink, Cute & Girly is exactly what the following things are! Enjoy! ♥

So this is no surprise but I just noticed that A LOT of the things 
I've purchased lately are PINK. Regardless of the color, I just wanna share
a few things I got from both online and in stores so yeeeeah! Letsuh go!

So the first one might be my favorite out of everything. And that would be my new
Instax Mini camera case! Ahh! Isn't it so kawaii?? I can't tell you how
much I've been wanting a nice case for my instax camera. And now it's here! :D

*click photos to enlarge*

I got this from Ebay for about $12 + Free shipping! I love how it actually says
"instax" on the front. It fits perfectly on my camera and it's very snug as well.
This would be VERY helpful for when I'm in Disneyland! Exciteeed! ♥

This next one is just a pair of round cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21.
I fell in love with it right away when I first saw it! I've always been
looking for a nice pair of round sunnies and here it is!
I think I got it for $4-6.

Guess where I found these cuties?? ...Walmart! :o
Well, I don't know if they sell them anywhere else, but yeah ^_^.
I believe I got them for about $8. And hey, they're pink!
Although I haven't tried them yet, the bristles feel very soft and 
I definitely don't think these would be the type that would be prickly.

So this set includes a concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush,
definer brush, smudge brush, and a brow brush!

Just by the look and feel of them, I already feel like I'm gonna love this set!
Great for travelling too! Which is just perfect for me right now :P

I might not use the eyeliner brush for my eyeliner though.. since I don't wanna ruin
the pink color that much hehe. I was gonna use it for my eyebrows anyway ;)

Next up! Some of you might have already seen this in our US Haul on Youtube
but I thought I'd include it here as well since it's so darn cute! ^_^

It's a photo album for my Instax photos! I got it from Ebay for $5.25 (free shipping).
It has 60 pages and my photos fit perfectly in the photo sleeves.

Don't you just hate it when your earphones get all tangled up almost ALWAYS??
I found this little guy at the DOLLAR STORE! :o They're pink retractable earphones!

The sound quality actually isn't bad at all! Now, I know that it may eventually break
because it's so cheap but it'll still be a dollar well spent when that happens ^_^.
I'm actually impressed by the sound quality for the price.
It's not echoey or flat. Which is great! (I'm actually listening to 2ne1 right now :P)

If you watch our YouTube videos or follow me on IG, I mentioned many times
that I'm going to LA in a few months! Ahhh! We've been planning for months
but I'm still very excited! (if that wasn't obvious enough).

So yeah, again, I got this from Ebay (for $2). As you can see,
it's just a pink passport cover/sleeve. It's so adorable, I love it! :)

Last but not the least, my iPad Mini 2 and my pink case!
Sorry, I wasn't able to take other shots of the case :S But I talked more
about it in my US Shopping Vlog which will be coming very soon

I've actually been using my iPad mini more than the normal
size ipad (which my bf has). I bring it with me when I go out,
I watch YouTube videos on it, play tons of games,
keep my notes, and more!

One of the games I'm currently addicted to is Farmville2: Country Escape!
Oh goodness, this game. Anyone else play this game? Maybe you can
join the coop I'm in so we can trade goods! :P
I guess I'm not that far ahead in the game yet since I'm still
on lvl 20 hehe. But I'll get there! :D

So that's about it for this entry. Thanks for reading and hope you liked it! :)
Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel if you haven't already ;)
Have a great day/good night! :*

- Monique ♥

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  1. Wow everything is indeed super cute !
    Giveaway, get the bronze queen look

  2. AWW pink is my fav colour ;) I wanna get a case like this for my instax mini :O where did u get it? xx

    1. Monique got it from Ebay, as it says on the blogpost :)


  3. Hello Micah and Monique, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog ^___^

    You're template is really pretty, I've been meaning to make mine pink as well~ I've been growing my love for pink recently, this post makes me want to buy pink glasses and a pink ipad case hu hu hu ;__;

    I answered your question about the Etude House Cherry Tint on your comment on my blog post! And I just followed you, keep up the great work lovely. :-)

    CLICK HERE - for Korean beauty and fashion! | Tutorial: Red Velvet's Irene Makeup

    1. Hi Sandy, No problem! :) Monique was the one who designed the template for our blog, so props to her! :D

      I know.. everything is just soo cute in this haul that it makes me want to buy pink stuff too! >_<

      - Micah